Moon Landing Fake

Moon landing fake NASA hoax Apollo 11 conspiracy

Many believe that NASA did not land on the moon. Regardless of photos and other proof, many still believe the whole thing was a hoax. Let’s take a look at some of the theories.

  1. Many have theorized that NASA paid Stanley Kubrick, a director to film footage to appear a landing had occurred on the moon.
  2. The American flag is placed on the moon and in the photos, the flag is visibly waving, which indicates wind…but there isn’t wind on the moon.
  3. No stars can be seen in any of the photographs.
  4. The reflection in the helmet photo appears to have a camera crew.
  5. Astronauts could not have made it through the Van Allen Zone without receiving lethal doses of radiation. The Van Allen zone extends a large area of energetic charged particles which are 58,000km above the Earth.
  6. Photos appear to have use of multiple overhead lights and impossibly high camera angles.

There are so many more great theories out there. What do you think? Did we land on the moon? Or is it all a hoax?




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