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There is a long standing theory that Paul McCartney is actually dead and the individual portraying him now is a stand in. According to the theory, the real McCartney died, November 9th, 1966. His car skidded off an icy road and a crash into a pole led to his death.

The theory goes on to state that the rest of the Beatles were concerned that his death could cost them their success as a group, so they covered his death by bringing in a man that appeared identical, named, Billy Shears .Many analyze the photos and believe there are major physical differences if one just looks pid_SgtPepperCovercarefully. Some theorists have claimed that Billy Shears was an orphan and had once won a Paul McCartney look alike contest.

Many speculate the album cover of ‘Sgt. Peppers Lonely Club’ is depicting a burial. With many guests, flowers and freshly dug earth. Also showing the group all in black, to the left of the photo.

Though, I believe the creepiest piece of evidence the theorists have come up with is the song ‘Revolution #9’ played backwards. There are voices that can be heard saying, ‘Paul is Dead’.

What do you think? Is Paul McCartney still alive?

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