Crazy Winds

Bozcada Wind Turbines 00031 sfxWe aren’t sure if the wind will actually drive you insane, but we found to instances were it causes some issues….

For example, Wind turbines may cause visual and noise annoyance when positioned in residential neighborhoods. According to scientists, wind turbines can cause sleep disturbances, psychological distress and an overall sense of annoyance. 

However, Wind Turbines are stil pretty new and while they have been known to impair human behavior it has not been proven and the lack of federal funds to research this means we won’t truely know how badly this impairs us. Hopefully, researchers will come to a conclusion regarding the noise annoyance as the Dutch government plans to expand their wind energy by 2020.

Aside from the Wind Turbines, we found that the famous Santa Ana winds AKA the Devil Winds, can cause some physical issues too. The Santa Ana winds have been a major part of the ecosystem of the Los Angeles Basin for well over 5,000 years! The locals refer to the winds as the Devil winds and attribute a rise in crime as a result of the winds. Author, Joan Didion, described the winds as haunting in an essay, she claimed “children become unmanageable” as well as “Surgeons are said to watch the wind, because blood does not clot normally during a foehn,(a dry, down-slope wind)” 

Some researchers state that the Santa Ana winds contain large amounts of positive ions which make us feel badly and could over charge some with electrical energy, causing their hair to stand on end, develop headaches or even nausea. The winds may also cause people to release serotonin in excess, seratonin is associated with the nervous system and could result in a slight irritability, tension or a sense of hyperactivity in some. 

While there is no definite proof that wind has an effect on behaviour, we do know that natural wind can carry dust and allergens creating allergy symptoms and irritibility. Obviously, we’ve attemped to explain but, maybe this is just an #unexplainedrealm 🙂 Have you ever known the wind to create chaos? If so, share in the comments below!

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