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I’m just going to age myself a little in this story… I’m a 70s baby, 80s and early 90s kid and adult… So what that means is the internet came about at the tale end of my high school years and became more prominent in my 20s. 

Ah, the good ol’ days – when the internet was still a novelty and the world was a bit simpler. 

In my childhood, we told scary stories at slumber parties, or around a campfire… My favorite memories of tales of the paranormal, aliens and overall strangeness came from listening to AM Radio… Particularly the show, Coast to Coast… It came on so late at night, but was worth the sleepless night… 

As a young adult, I learned how to use the internet at lightning speed… And in the early 2000s, I became a web designer, I still dabble in it these days… unexplainedrealms.com, it’s my creation…I’ve designed and created it from the ground up… Don’t judge LOL

As I said, in the early 2000s, the internet ushered us into a new age… Online entertainment, social media, and a home for Creepy Pasta…

Creepy Pasta is a term that is a bit of a catch-all term… It references anything horror-related posted on the internet. 

So these days terrifying tales and spine-tingling stories are told around the digital campfire…

It is said that the earliest creepy pastas appeared on a website called 4chan. The site 4 chan was created in 2003 by 15-year-old Christopher Poole. The site is an English language-based site but resides on a Japanese Futaba Channel. It was mainly an imageboard website, users could post pics and discuss them, such as anima, and manga. Creepy pastas at the time were mostly short horror fiction stories.

Many consider the first creepy pasta story to be Ted the Carver. I believe you can find it on creepypasta.com. Recently, I came across a creepy pasta called Laughing Jack. The story was first posted on March 3rd, 2013, it was written by a user named SnuffBomb. 

The story surrounds a five-year-old boy named James and the story is told from the boy’s mothers perspective. James’ mother believes her five-year-old simply has an imaginary friend. Laughing Jack is described as a long-haired clown who has a big swirly cone nose and he is always smiling. Jack has long arms, and baggy pants and wears striped socks. 

In the story, the mother describes her son James as a quiet little boy, who does not have many friends but enjoys playing in the backyard of their suburban home. As she feeds the family dog one day, she hears James talking to someone. Being a single mom, it was difficult for her to always watch over James. As she checks on him, she realizes he is alone in the backyard, but called him inside as it was time for lunch. 

During lunch, she asked her son who he was talking to and he began to describe what seemed to be an imaginary friend, Laughing Jack. James said he had a swirly cone nose, long arms, and striped socks. 

His mother felt it may be normal for a child his age to have an imaginary friend. The day went on typically and that evening, she put James to bed. During the night, she had a terrible nightmare. She was in an old, abandoned amusement park, she began hearing the song, Pop goes the Weasel,  and became surrounded by disfigured children. 

She eventually woke up from the dream but noticed her son’s action figures on her nightstand… Throughout this tale, James’s mother experiences nightmares of a creepy carnival, stuffed animals hung from a noose, disfigured children, and the creepy song that typically comes from a Jack in the Box. Things escalate when James and his mom wake to find their dog hanging in the kitchen one night. Police feel whoever killed the dog must have already been in the house. 

The very next night James’s mom hears evil laughter coming from his room and goes to check on him, only to find him mutilated and Laughing Jack standing in front of her son, she begins to attack Laughing Jack with a knife… In the end, there was never a Laughing Jack figure, and the mother was arrested and labeled insane as it was her son she had actually stabbed. 

The Laughing Jack story was a successful creepy pasta, so the writer posted an origin story for Jack in December of 2013.

While the original story was disturbing, but creative the prequel was even darker and chilling, delivering us a full back story of Laughing Jack.  The Origin of Laughing Jack is a story that takes us to England in the 1800s. Laughing Jack was created by a guardian angel. A friend for a child named Isaac Grossman. Isaac was a lonely child who was abused by his mother. 

The child’s guardian angel created Jack to be a fun, loving, and friendly Jack in the box, but something happened to Jack over time. He began to slowly turn evil… Jack accidentally killed the neighbor’s cat, others were unable to see Jack, so Isaac was blamed and sent to boarding school. This forced Jack into a box to be stored away. 

Jack was confined to the box for 13 years. His colorful appearance had faded and he had become quite emotionless. Isaac eventually returned home, but he had become a very bitter alcoholic. 

Isaac didn’t touch Jack’s box, but instead became a very violent man, murdering several victims and disposing of their bodies. Jack witnessed these acts from his box, believing it to be a new game which explains where Jack’s taste for murder came from. 

Both stories are creative, gruesome, and truly chilling… Though it’s all fiction, some who read this type of fiction take it to heart. 

This particular story of Laughing Jack inspired a terrifying true crime. According to court documents, 50-year-old Maria Torres was stabbed to death by her 12-year-old stepdaughter. The documents do not reveal the child’s name, they simply refer to her as JT.

In 2015, JT was 12 and lived with her father Edwin Torres, stepmother Maria Torres, a half-sister, and half-brother. The family lived in Elkhart, Indiana, in an apartment. JT began to show symptoms of severe mental illness. Her grades were poor at school, she suffered from headaches, couldn’t sleep, began hearing voices, and at times she had blackouts. The family noticed that JT began staying in her room, alone, for long periods of time. 

She would tell her family, that she was hearing voices from people named Anna or Star, and at times, she would become these personalities. She also had an obsession with the creepy pasta character, Laughing Jack. JT began asking her father, mother, and other adults around her to assist her with her symptoms. 

Nothing was done for her. 

In time, JT went to a school counselor, who contacted her father and encouraged him to seek treatment for her. Appointments had been scheduled, but due to Edwin’s back surgery, he was unable to get her to her appointments. 

On July 23rd, 2015, JT texted a friend and asked them to meet her at 10 pm at a nearby park, the text was typed in all capital letters. JT told her friend, she wanted to leave her home, that she just couldn’t take it anymore, and felt ready to snap. JTs friend, knew of her multiple personalities and was able to determine she was texting with the personality known as Star. 

After making plans to meet her friend in the park, JT ate dinner with her father Edwin, and stepmother Maria. They watched some TV and her half sister and half-brother had gone to bed. Her father Edwin observed JT exhibiting odd behavior, she was smiling with all teeth showing and stood in a strange manner, he asked repeatedly if she was ok, and she responded that she was fine. 

That night as the family slept, they woke to the smell of smoke and a loud noise. Maria followed the smell to JTs bedroom and opened the door. Smoke flooded the hallway. Edwin and Maria then witnessed JT standing in the middle of the room as the fire grew on the floor, she would not respond to them. 

Maria took JT into the hallway and Edwin entered the room and began to attempt to put out the fire in the room, but noticed the closet had an even larger fire raging. As Edwin continued to try and put the fire out, he heard his wife Maria scream that JT had a knife, he also observed his wife banging on the door of JTs half-sister. Once the half-sister opened her door, she would see her mother,  Maria covered in blood. 

Jts half-sister later stated her mother told her, “I’m dying call the police”. She called 911. Though it seems JT had slipped away from that hallway. Edwin found her at the apartment’s front door. She was holding a knife and standing in a very strange way. Edwin stated he looked into his daughter’s eyes and he didn’t recognize her. 

Edwin stated they all must leave or the fire would consume them, but JT began to speak in a clown-type voice, telling her father to stay back and not come any closer. Edwin approached his daughter and she began swinging the knife. Edwin struggled with his daughter and managed to open the door. 

He was also able to disarm JT and tossed the knife, but JT ran from the apartment building. 

Edwin realized his arm was bleeding heavily. 

He re-entered the extremely smokey apartment and was able to find his other daughter. She stated that she believed her mother, Maria was dead. Edwin and his younger daughter were able to escape the fire. Safely making it outside, law enforcement began to arrive. 

Two officers entered the apartment and noticed a large amount of blood leading up the staircase. They found a knife near the door of the apartment. One officer retrieved a gas mask from his vehicle to enter the apartment as other officers interviewed Edwin and his younger daughter. 

Maria was found on the floor of one of the bedrooms. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. Her cause of death was multiple stab wounds. She had stab wounds to her face and torso, they were three and three-quarter-inch deep in her chest. 

JT went on to meet her friend… Once with her friend, she obviously was covered in blood. She admitted to her friend that she had stabbed Maria and Edwin and had started a fire in their apartment. JT washed the blood off in a waterway and the two young girls walked along some railroad tracks. They left the town that night. 

At some point, JT had changed into clean clothes. 

On July 24th, 2015, the two girls had made their way to the home of a man named Zachary Sleeper. Their knock on the door had awakened him. They told him that they had become lost during a hike with their family. He noticed one of the girls did not have shoes on, he also knew there were no hiking trails in the area. The girls asked if they could come in and have something to eat. He offered to try and call their families, but they refused to give any information. 

Being suspicious, he stated that he would bring the girls something to eat while they waited outside his home. He asked the girls to wait on the porch while he prepared them something to eat… 

As he prepared food, he called the police. He assumed they were hungry runaways. The police did arrive and took both girls in custody. Both girls carried a backpack, one contained bloodstained pants. Officers questioned JTs friend and she told the officers that JT had multiple personalities and that the pants belonged to JT. 

JT was taken to the Elkhart County Juvenile Detention Center. 

According to court documents, JT stated that she did commit the crime, but it was at the direction of Laughing Jack. It was later determined that JT was not fit to stand trial due to her severe mental illness.