Call of The Void

Have you ever found yourself contemplating doing something insane, like jumping off a bridge or walking near the edge of a roof, but didn’t actually do it. This phenomenon is called, The Call of The Void.

Image result for looking down from a tall buildingThere are many definitions or explanations for this phenomenon. The French call it, ‘L’appel du Vide’ and the Urban Dictionary even has a definition for it. 

Though scientists state that this is not necessarily a suicidal tendency, but more like a tendency to gamble with dangerous situations.

Cognitive Neuro-scientist from Cornell University, Adam Anderson, believes, “People are more likely to take risks when the situation is bad because they want to avoid the possibly bad outcome by gambling against it.”

There have been many explanations and theories, but there isn’t any confirmation of what truly causes this phenomenon.

Have you ever experienced the call of the void? Share your experiences in the comments!


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