The Bridgewater Triangle lies about 30 miles south of Boston. It is a 200-square-mile area that is allegedly a paranormal vortex. It has been said that orbs are seen, UFOs, poltergeists, balls of fire, giant snakes, thunderbirds, animal sacrifices, and even bigfoot sightings.  

I know what you’re thinking… Sounds like something straight out of a good fantasy novel, but there are some very real artifacts and landmarks within this area, but we will get into that in a bit. 

This area was named the Bridgewater Triangle in the 1970s by renowned cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman.  His reason behind the name… The triangle touched the towns Rehoboth, Abington, Freetown and the town of Bridgewater was directly in the center. There are few other towns within the area known as well, which are Raynham, Brockton, Norton and Taunton. 

The New England based paranormal researcher, Lauren Coleman was intrigued by the paranormal activity that he traced all the way back to the 1760s. A witness described seeing a ball of fire near Bridgewater and Roxbury, May of 1760. The witness stated it was brighter than the sun. 

One of the creepier locations inside the Bridgewater Triangle would be King Philip’s Cave. It is tied to a very dark period of time in Massachusetts’ history. King Phillip was the leader or King of the Wampanoag tribe. In 1675 to 1678 he led a rebellion against the British colonists in southeastern Massachusetts. It is said that near the end of the war he hid in this cave until he was tracked down and killed in the town of Bristol. He was beheaded and his head had been placed on a pick where it stayed for 20 years. 

While this area is rumored to be a hotspot for paranormal activity, there is another location that is even more active. 

Hockomock Swamp makes up a very large portion of the wetlands in this area. The swampy area includes Lake Nippenicket, located in the town Bridgewater. The locals in the area will tell you if you want to experience giant birds, snakes, lights, ghostly drums, and even bigfoot, the lake and swamp area is where you want to go. 

The Wampanoag tribe first named the swamp. Hockomock means “place where spirits dwell.”  Later in time, the English settlers would call it the “Devil’s Swamp.” 

They may not have been off in their thoughts about this swamp as it is not too far from the home of Lizzie Borden. If you aren’t familiar with her story, she basically killed her parents with an ax on August 4th, 1892. 

There have been many UFO sightings near the swamp as well. As early as the 1900s even… In the year 1908 on Halloween night, two undertakers were on their way home to Bridgewater and saw a large light in the sky. They described it as a giant lantern that hovered over them for about 40 minutes. 

Others over time have reported seeing swirling lights in the sky above the swamp and during the summer of 1999 locals had a family cookout not far from the swamp. They witnessed what appeared to be a UFO. Witnesses stated there was loud noise and bright lights in the sky. 

So many speculate why there is so much activity near the lake and swamp area. Some see full on ghostly apparitions, orbs, and strange sounds… Though, some say it’s due to King Philip’s War that took place near the swamp. The conflict occurred between the natives in the area and the English settlers. It has been said that both sides engaged in crimes against each other. Overall it was a terrible, bloody war. The swamp was a witness to the most terrible and bloodiest massacres. 

The Wampanoag Tribe lost their land and some believe the paranormal activity is caused by their pain. 

If we fast forward to October of 1979, in the town of Freetown, you have the Fall River state forest. This location had multiple reports of animal mutilations. Police determined it to be the work of a local satanic cult. They carved young calves in the wooded area as a ritual sacrifice. 

Eventually the satanic cult moved on to sacrifice humans, particularly young women. This would be the onset of Satanic Panic in the United States. 

The cult first murdered 17 year old Doreen Levesque. On the night of October 13th Doreen was murdered a homeless young woman. She was found under the high school bleachers, tied up, head and face had been crushed with a rock and she had a baseball bat inside of her. A local found the woman’s body the following morning. The next victim, Barabara Raposa was murdered on November 7th 1979. Though her body was not found until January 26 of 1980. The third young woman murdered was 20 year old Karen Marsden. Her murder occurred on February 8th, 1980.

The leader of this satanic cult was also a pimp. Most of these women were somehow connected to him. Carl Drew was convicted at trial and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

While strange occurrences at the swamp which is near Lizzie Borden’s home. The location of these satanic murders is the actual town in which Lizze Borden lived. 

While that was extremely gruesome, there are other things that occur or are found within the Bridgewater triangle that aren’t so gruesome. The Dighton rock was found in the Taunton River during the construction of a dam. The 40 ton boulder is covered in petroglyphs. The origins and petroglyphs are a complete mystery to this day, though the rock is now safely housed in a very small museum at Dighton Rock State Park. 

The Bridgewater Triangle was also home to the Taunton State Hospital. It first opened in 1854 and was known to use electric shock therapy, perform lobotomies and overall use cruel medical practices on its patients. 

What has led to this mysterious area’s crime, paranormal activity and strange occurrences? Was it King Phillip’s bloody war? The pain of the natives who lost the land? Or possibly a mixture of the pain from the war, native american mysticism, satanic rituals and residual energy left from tortured mental patients….

I suppose we will never really know… and will just need to leave this to the realms of the Unexplained….