House Burns due to vampires

Melvin Weaver, a 64 year old resident of Daytona Beach, Florida was arrested for arson and aggravated battery. Melvin had been acting irrationally for a while and his wife attempted to have him committed for his mental health, though, the state of Florida follows the Baker Act, which states that a judge, police, or medical professional can involuntarily have an individual committed for up to 72 hours, if they appear to have a mental illness or be a danger to themselves.

Though in Melvin’s case, Daytona Beach police didn’t feel he should be committed. Police made this determination around 2 pm. By 7 pm Melvin was angry and became violent. Hitting his wife, as well as breaking windows in their home with a cane.

Melvin was shouting, The vampires are going to defend themselves when police arrived around 7 pm and had set fire to the family home by throwing insulation from the ceiling onto the stove. As his wife was escaping the fire, Melvin went on to grab a kitchen knife and knock on neighbors’ doors alerting them that his wife was inside his burning home.

Officers arrested Melvin Weaver at the scene and his wife reported he was on pain medication for cancer, but it is unknown if he was on any other medications at the time.



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