Amethyst Realm

Amethyst Realm, a woman from Bristol, England claims to be in a relationship with a spirit. The self-proclaimed spiritual guidance counselor broke up with a fiance 12 years ago and begin having sexual relationships with spirits. According to the spiritual counselor, she has bedded over 20 spirits.

After taking a trip to Australia, Amethyst claims she met the spirit of her dreams and they carry on a strong and intense relationship.

Recently, Amethyst claimed she has been trying to get pregnant and may already be with ghost child now.

UK-based Amethyst Realm (pictured), 30, a spiritual guidance counsellor, claims to have sexual encounters with 20 different ghostly lovers

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2 thoughts on “Amethyst Realm

  1. What is wrong with the world today? First gender bending, then sex changing, then species emulating and now ghost sex! Come on she is loonier than a three dollar bill. Get her some strong psychotropic meds and a lobotomy and lets get on with our lives people.

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