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Recently we had a chance to catch up with Christie from the paranormal group, “Buried Alive”. Read this great interview!

How did you start your group? What year? For what reason?

We started our group in 2016. My partner, Jeremy, has always been into the paranormal. I have been too. Jeremy was planning on IMG 4653staying the night at the Villisca Ace murder house in Iowa overnight. One of the people who had planned to go had to back out and so I took their place. Jeremy and I spent the night there and released a video that gained almost 20k views. We were pretty shocked by that. Jeremy stated that he always wanted a Paranormal Group named Buried Alive and so we decided to just go with it. After our second investigation together he asked me to just make a little video for Facebook. I have my degree in film production so I just did what I like to do and Jeremy was impressed. So we started putting more videos together and decided to take a guest along every time. The guest is so that every day people can experience the paranormal for them self and see for themselves that it IS real. It also adds credibility to the evidence we put out. I d coded to do this because I wanted the truth about the paranormal. I believe the truth can be discovered only through experience. Jeremy’s passion came from seeing an apparition of a boy, in his home, when he was just a boy himself.

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How many members are in your group?
Our core group is Myself and Jeremy Kurland. We have a couple members who are in and out and of course we always have a featured guest investigator.

What is your most memorable investigation?
For me the most memorable is, by far, Edinburgh Manor in Iowa. There are things that happened that I can not explain. Also we caught an actual apparition on camera. This episode is soon to be released so I can not say anything further. However you will be able to watch it on our YouTube once it’s released.

Do you or your members possess psychic abilities, or sensitivities?
I don’t feel that we do. I have been told that I am a sensitive and I’m slowly starting to accept this. It’s a strange concept to me, but the evidence is there so I’m slowly giving in. Jeremy and I both feel that your abilities start to grow as you continue to do this. You learn how to listen better, feel more appropriately and use your senses to a better ability. It’s like they are learned traits.

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