Daniela Poggiali an Italian nurse, is best known as the Angel of Death.  Daniela is said to have been present for over 93 deaths.  While that’s odd in itself, what’s even more odd, is that she’s also accused of taking photos with the dead patients!

When caught, Daniela blamed the colleague who took the photos, claiming they were to remain private between her and her fellow nurse and that it was not her idea in the first place.

At one point, Daniela did state the photos were all a mistake, but maintained that she had nothing to do with the 93 deaths.

In October 2015, Daniela Poggaliali was arrested on suspicion of poisoning victims with potassium while on shifts at Umberto I Hospital in Lugo, which resides in Northern Italy.

Once in front a judge, Daniela denied being a murderer, but was described by a judge as a danger to the public and denied bail. 

Investigators reviewed the 93 cases and believed Daniela to have murdered at least 3 victims a day by drip feeding them with potassium chloride. 

Potassium chloride can be detected in a body for a short time after death, which made things complicated, since these deaths had taken place over a period of months. Daniela’s attorney also argued that potassium chloride would kill the patient in minutes, but in the most recent death, the patient past over a period of an hour. 

Daniela was acquitted but the horrific photos are still floating around the internet. You can see her grinning with thumbs up next to an elderly woman who had passed. 

What do you think? Did she commit murder or just take photos with corpses or both?!


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