We’ll just leave some fun, but weird facts here about Las Vegas…

Did you know… 

Image result for Las Vegas underground tunnels-There is one slot machine in Las Vegas for every eight inhabitants.

-There’s estimated to be at least 1,000 people living beneath Vegas in underground tunnels.

-Contrary to popular belief, prostitution in Las Vegas is not legal.

-Frederick W. Smith, the founder and CEO of FedEx, saved his company by gambling in Las Vegas. He took FedEx’s last $5,000 to Sin City and won $27,000 while gambling on blackjack, paying for the company’s $24,000 fuel bill.

-According to suppliers, Vegas Bingo players’ favorite color ink daubers are purple.

-There is a place in Vegas you can pay $40 and shoot a grenade launcher, twice.

-Water structures in Las Vegas, like fountains and man-made lakes, use something called grey-water, which is recycled water from sinks, bathtubs and showers.

In 1964, a wealthy businessman, fearing nuclear war, built a massive 16,500 square foot mansion underneath Las Vegas complete with pool, even putting green and luxury finishes

-The Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on Earth when looked at from outer space.

-Las Vegas is informally known as Hawaii’s 9th island, due to the city’s large community of Hawaiians.

-The Bronze lion outside of the MGM Grand Hotel weighs 50 tons, making it the largest bronze sculpture in the country.

-The Mirage Hotel’s iconic golden windows actually got their coloring from real gold dust

-There’s a heavy equipment playground in Las Vegas where you can drive bulldozers for fun.

-Despite what many may think, the Tangiers Casino used in Martin Scorcese’s film, “Casino” never actually existed.

Mobster Bugsy Siegel named his casino, The Flamingo, after his showgirl girlfriend, whose long legs garnered her the same name.

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