Do you think your love of something can make it a reality? Not quite like manifestation, but close.  Is it possible to will something into existence? 

Some believe this is exactly what happened to Frederick Valentich, but I think I’ll let you decide for yourself…

Frederick Valentich was described as a nice young man. He worked in a local store and spent his spare time reading about UFOs and aliens. He also had a dream of flying. In his teens, he trained with the air training core, and with the support of his family, he dreamed of obtaining a commercial license. 

Frederick often attended meteorology lectures and researched UFOs. He often would clip newspaper articles of UFO Sightings. His family stated that Frederick was utterly captivated by UFOs. Frederick would even gain access to classified Royal Australian Air Force files on UFO sightings at bases. 

At one point Fredericks mother would see a strange light in the sky. She called Frederick and he witnessed it too before it sped away. Frederick often worried that those aboard a UFO would be hostile.

On October 21st, 1978, 20-year-old Frederick Valentich flew a single-engine Cessna. He departed from the Moorabbin airport where he received a weather briefing and submitted a flight plan. He was headed to King Island. Frederick had been flying for two years and had logged over 150 solo flight times. He obtained a class-four instrument rating on May 11th, 1978, which allowed him to fly at night.

Frederick had informed the briefing officer that he was flying to King Island to pick up friends. On board his Cessna, he had four life jackets. Though he told others he was visiting King Island to pick up crayfish. 

On this day, he planned to fly along the Australian Coast which would take him about 41 minutes to reach Cape Otway and then 28 minutes to King Island from Cape Otway. His cruising altitude would be 5000. His plane’s fuel endurance was 300 minutes. 

Throughout Fredericks’s flight, he was in contact with a ground flight service center. 

Nearly 40 minutes into his flight, Frederick noticed something odd. He was flying at 4500 feet and something suddenly flew 1000 feet above him. It appeared to be another plane, but it wouldn’t be long before he realized it wasn’t another plane. 

Around 7:12 pm, communication had completely stopped with Frederick. However, a loud metallic scraping noise was heard. 

But as you heard from that clip, Frederick believed a UFO was taunting him. He stated that the other craft was moving toward him and at times it was orbiting above him. It’s documented that he also stated that the craft had four bright lights that were all illuminated and it was moving at a high rate of speed. 

Officials at the Melbourne Flight Service believed Frederick had crashed. Searches were conducted in the air and the sea, but no traces of Frederick or his plane were found…

The Australian Department of Transportation also searched, but they could not find anything and ultimately closed the case. Five years after the case was closed, an engine cowl flap had washed onto the shore of Flinders Island. It was noted by the Bureau of Air Safety that the engine flap had come from the same type of plane that Frederick was flying and its serial numbers were within the same range as Frederick’s plane as well. 

Frederick’s father, Guido, told the public that his son was a strong believer in UFOs and would worry at times about being attacked by a UFO. He also shared that Frederick had applied twice to the Royal Australian Air Force, but due to inadequate educational experience, he was denied, twice. 

He had a dream of being a commercial pilot as well, but he had failed all five of his exam subjects, twice. 

It is also documented that Frederick received several warnings while flying, such as flying into a restricted zone in Sydney and flying into clouds twice which led him to be under the threat of prosecution. 

Some believed the disappearance to be nothing more than an accident as he was an inexperienced pilot who possibly became disoriented. 

Though, UFOlogists firmly believed that Frederick was abducted by aliens. Eyewitnesses came forward and stated that there were green lights in the sky in the area where Frederick was last seen. 

One eyewitness claimed he had photos, but the photos were too blurry to determine what was in them. 

Years went by with nothing more on Frederick’s disappearance… In 2014, a UFO action group based in Victoria stated a farmer reported seeing a 30-meter aircraft of some kind hovering over his farm the very next morning after Frederick had gone missing. 

This unidentified farmer also stated…. Frederick’s plane was stuck to the side of the UFO and oil was leaking from it. While they found this report, they were never able to identify the farmer and speak to him. 

Was Frederick an inexperienced pilot who was simply an accident waiting to happen?? Or was he a target of a UFO?

We can’t forget his obsession with UFOs…  Had he drawn aliens to himself by his obsession? 

I guess we leave this to the unexplained realms…