The Dominican Republic was first discovered by navigator Christopher Columbus. He was working for the Spanish Crown and came upon the island located in the Western Atlantic Ocean. This area is well known for it’s amazing landscapes, beaches, resorts, and some of the most beautiful women in the world. Paradise, if you will…

Though… imagine a vacation in the Dominican Republic…spending some time in the mountains attempting to escape the heavy tourism and spotting the woman of your dreams…

This is the legend of La Ciguapa.

The Dominican Republic is well known for its sexy vacations. Not just sexy as in romantic, but as in full-on sex resorts. Prostitution is legal in this country and very active. It is estimated that 6,000 to 10,000 women work as prostitutes. 

This country is heavily visited for sex tourism. While most have amazing experiences, there is a legend that should terrify any single man. La Ciguapa is a magical creature often compared to a mermaid. They are wild and cannot be caged or trapped, they would die at the lack of their freedom. To most the Ciguapa appear as beautiful women with long black hair, they are always naked with only their long beautiful hair covering their curvy bodies.

Locals would describe the Ciguapa as a beautiful, but cruel creature, but yet innocent. They are commonly referred to as savage women. With brown skin and brown eyes, the Ciguapa appears shy and a bit sad, but very deceitful. They are always ready to lure a wayward traveler or a lonely man back to their cave. 

Ciguapa will only come out at night and search for food, berries, and small animals, they rarely go near the villages and towns and will run from most humans. Some locals state that they have seen a Ciguapa near their homes and specifically the kitchens, though it’s a rarity.

Known for mischievous behavior some tales state that the Ciguapa will steal raw meat and butter from kitchens and some have reported that the Ciguapa will braid their horses’ tails during the night. At times they will climb a tree and sit in the high branches eating and resting, watching for any human coming near. 

These beautiful creatures never speak, but simply make small whining sounds or sounds of a bird. It is said that some have heard them sing a sad song called the Canto de Sirena or the Mermaids song. Some say the morning after a Ciguapa cries all the rocks in the area will be wet from her tears. 

Though on the eve of a full moon, the Ciguapa will come from her lair or cave as they usually hide. Finding a man, she will lure him into the woods to her lair. The Ciguapa is said to have breathtaking beauty and a beautiful body, making it difficult for a man to resist her.  

The Ciguapa is almost untraceable by footprints as her feet face backward. This allows her to stare into a man’s eyes while walking backward to her lair. 

Once luring a man into their lair, they make passionate love to them, and after… They kill him and eat him, piece by piece. 

The lore states that you can only capture a Ciguapa by tracking them at night, during a full moon. You must have a black and white dog that is polydactyly, meaning it has more fingers or toes than the normal amount. 

If you do catch a Ciguapa, she will surely die within days. Capture and captivity cause this creature great pain and distress. They are wild, savage creatures that must remain free. 

If you should find yourself on vacation in the Dominican Republic, beware of the Ciguapa and never look into their eyes… as one look will have you bewitched and under her spell forever. 

Is there a beautiful woman wandering the forest of the Dominican Republic? Or is this all just a lore? I guess we’ll just leave this to the realms of the unexplained.