Most alien or abduction stories aren’t believed because there are no witnesses… But that’s what makes Kelly Cahill’s abduction very different,  there were many witnesses…

On a frigid winter evening, August 7th, 1993, to be exact, Kelly Cahill and her husband at that time, Andrew, were driving to a friend’s home on Belgrave-Hallam Road in Narre Warren. Narre Warren is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, roughly 23 miles southeast of Melbourne’s central business district.

As the two were driving, Ms. Cahill saw a row of orange, circular lights inside a paddock.

While she thought this was an odd site, she laughed it off after arriving at their friend’s home. Though… on their way home that same evening, near midnight… They drove down the same road. Kelly and her husband Andrew saw the same lights, and they appeared to be hanging above the road this time.

Kelly could see that the orange lights were not lights at all, they were windows. In the windows, there appeared figures standing in them. Then suddenly, the object flew off at a high rate of speed, but as they drove, they came upon this object again in the paddock on the side of the road. This would be the last thing Kelly remembers. 

Her memory went blank after seeing the object in the paddock that last time.

During her memory loss, the couple’s car had continued to travel several hundred meters. Neither remembers this portion of the drive. 

In the time that followed this encounter, Kelly would find strange marks all over her body.

She also found a triangular shape below her belly button and other strange markings on her body and was hospitalized a few times for severe stomach pains and uterine infection. 

At night, she would receive visits from tall figures in black hoods. She would describe them as having red glowing eyes. 

With the missing time being key to what may be happening, Kelly tried hypnosis to unlock these memories. 

During hypnosis, she discovered that her husband stopped the car and pulled to the side of the road as they wanted to get a better look at this object hovering over the paddock. 

As they stared at this site, another car parked behind them. 

A tall and thin being appeared in front of the lit object, and Kelly describes hearing its thoughts, which were….

“Let’s kill them.”

As moments passed, more beings appeared, and it felt like they sent an energy force toward her and her husband. It knocked her to the ground, and she began to scream to her husband. 

They’ve got no souls! They’re evil! They’re going to kill us!

After the incident, Kelly reached out to the UFO investigation center, particularly the Sydney-based researcher Bill Chalker. 

Chalker felt that this case would require some investigation and began alerting other agencies, the Phenomena Research Australia or the PRA, a Melbourne group of paranormal investigators. Over time, Kelly was interviewed by John Auchettl, the director of the Phenomena Research Center. 

Their goal was to find the second vehicle, so they placed an ad in local newspapers. The ad got the response they desired. The individuals from the second car told the same story as Kelly and her husband, but they claimed to have been strapped to a table inside the craft and examined by those beings. 

The PRA determined that both women had strange triangular markings below their belly button area as well as many other similar marks. 

By 1996, the media fully exposed the story, and Kelly was swept up by a media whirlwind, she went on to appear on the Current Affairs Show and the Today Tonight Show, and her story ran in major newspapers and magazines. 

Kelly went on to publish a book on the incident titled Encounter.  

By 1998, Kelly Cahill had disappeared from the UFO scene and the media. The witnesses and her husband at the time corroborated her story, and UFO experts believe her case is legitimate, but there’s nothing further from this case.